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Feeling Stuck in Life? Here’s Why You Should Trust the Process

Feeling Stuck in Life? Here’s Why You Should Trust the Process

Have you ever felt stuck in your life? Like no matter how hard you try it seems like you’re taking steps backward instead of forward. You’re in a place where you are struggling to cope with your present situation because it just doesn’t match your expectations of where you thought you “should” be at this stage in life. Just know that you are not alone. Most people feel this way because life is never and will never be exactly the way you want it.

In this situation, we have to get better at trusting our life as opposed to making any rash decisions. Just because we don’t like the direction we are going doesn’t mean this is not the best direction for our highest growth.

You have to ask yourself am I making my situation miserable or is this situation actually miserable? I think a lot of people feel this way about their jobs. They might not be where they envisioned with their current salary, position, or coworkers. You have to trust the process with the right perspective. It’s not about money and fame, but who we are becoming. The Universe wants us to evolve into our best selves.

On average, I think too many of us don’t realize how bad life could get because we’ve never experienced that side before. Sure we’ve had our ups and downs, but how low have your lows been compared to the rest of the world, especially impoverished nations? A lot of us have had such a cozy life compared to most people on the planet that we don’t appreciate what we do have and take for granted. We need to shift our perspective and be more appreciative of what we do have. Take a minute to ask yourself what you do appreciate in your life. What do you have that not everyone has that most people would kill to be in your shoes? There is always something.

No matter where you are you should always try your hardest. It can be frustrating that you are in the same situation for years but place all your focus on growing. It’s not your situation that needs to change most of the time, it’s you. You need to be the change so you can outgrow your current situation. Our situation changes on the outside typically when we outgrow it from the inside.

Have you ever forced a change in your situation with maybe a job or a relationship only to experience almost the exact same situation just in a new form? We think that by changing our outside situation it will fix our inside situation. This is not the case. Life is an inside job.

We do not attract what we want, but what we are. – James Lane Allen
The worst decision you can make is checking out of life. Never stop trying your hardest because eventually, your situation will change even if it doesn’t feel like it. Focus on your growth with the right perspective and always keep your eyes open wide enough for your opportunities. Never force your situation to change. Trust the process by always giving your 100% and make sure your decisions are aligned with your intuition. The one thing you can always be sure of is that life does change in ways you cannot predict or always like. Everything in our world is impermanent and constantly changing. It’s ok not to be where you want to be. Most people feel this way. Just keep plugging away my friend. Life will take those who try their hardest and never give up to incredible places and you are one of them.

“It matters if you just don’t give up.” – Stephen Hawking


Be you. Do you.


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