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Who is the artist and the brand?

Christian Rosstad is the man behind Eyemaze. He's an intuitive digital artist who draws everything using an Apple Pencil on his iPad Pro, aka his digital canvas. He uses the app Procreate to channel his artwork, allowing the flow of life to dictate where his pencil travels until he sees a connection. This connection could be a shape or a face. When coloring, he intuitively matches the hue on the color wheel to a feeling. He then fills that color within the empty space of his outline that catches his eye first. Everything is intuitive, and nothing is planned or sketched. Everything is derived from presence.

He combines each piece of art with an inspiring mindfulness story designed to nourish the soul. These mini stories are packed with powerful life lessons from the challenges he chose to overcome. He is a keen observer of life and learned the necessary langauge and perspective from research, classes, and 11 years of meditation. He also earned his Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training at Brown University. His mission is to help others learn these life lessons to prevent them from enduring the painful struggle he pushed through regarding mental health.

Eyemaze was born from the urge to create a new world where people live authentically and pursue their dreams. Eyemaze became exhausted from not seeing enough people living out their dreams, and he’s here to change that. He wanted to be the beacon of guiding light that he never had, to serve others along their maze-like journey as they discover their “I”. That’s how he came up with the name Eyemaze. 

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