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The Magic of Living in the Present Moment: Letting Go and Trusting the Flow of Life

The Magic of Living in the Present Moment: Letting Go and Trusting the Flow of Life
Most dreams stay dreams. We must take consistent action to accomplish anything. We must accomplish everything in the present moment. That is where the magic happens. It’s funny because so much of our attention is focused on the past or the future. We are stuck in our minds instead of flowing with life. Our minds are hyperfocused on our desires. In other words, on our wants and what we don’t want. The only way this will change is if you bring some conscious awareness to this fact.

“Instead of asking “What do I want from life?”, a more powerful question is, “What does life want from me?” – Eckhart Tolle
We are in a constant battle with ourselves internally and sometimes externally to get what we wanted. Some things haven’t changed since we were just a baby. I’m not saying we’re all babies, but if you boil it down enough you realize we kind of are. If you pay close enough attention you will realize that you are whining about what you like and don’t like, while just trying to be ok in the world. It’s not the million dollars that you want. No, you would trade it all in a heartbeat to feel at ease in the world. You just want to be in a state where everything is always ok.

“No one has ever gotten the world the way they wanted.” – Michael Singer
The truth of the matter is, nothing will be ok until you let it. You must let yourself be ok internally. You have a choice in every decision to surrender and let go of any frustration or to hold on to it. The longer we hold onto it, the longer we are unhappy. If you can get yourself to not dwell or even think about the result of the moment you will be much happier. It’s our disagreement with what is that causes stress and makes us not want to be experiencing the moment. You must let all of that go and try to keep a still mind. Go back to a neutral mindset where you don’t have to overthink what has happened you can just move on to hopefully a happier moment. Don’t search for a happier moment though.

All our moments are up and down, but the mistake we make is thinking that somehow the next moment will be better. The next moment is not always better and the more we do this the more we are escaping from our lives and reality. You can’t live out of this moment so you better enjoy it before you let life passes before your eyes.

Trust the flow of your life. Trust the moment and you will go on a more thrilling ride than you thought your life was capable of producing. Life isn’t meant to always be fun. It’s not. But it is an adventure. An adventure past coming home from work, watching Netflix, and chilling. Ok, that can sometimes be better, but don’t get sucked into our escapes 😉

Nothing in life will make us feel better than doing the thing we are moved to do from moment to moment. A wise man once told me that he spent a whole summer trying to figure out what the right thing to do is. The right thing to do he realized is whatever you think the right thing to do is at that moment. Let your inner wisdom speak to you, which you can access with a still mind. You will know what action to take. Meditation will help you with this if you have an overactive mind with too many thoughts.

Don’t plan your life. Plan for bringing all your focus to this moment and letting the moment plan it for you. Let yourself ride with it. See where it takes you. I guarantee it will be to a better place than your wildest dreams. You are not the center of the Universe, but you are a small piece. Be a piece that goes with the flow not against. You do that consistently and your purpose will find you.


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