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Finding Freedom and Growth by Doing What's Hard and Right

Finding Freedom and Growth by Doing What's Hard and Right

There was a time in my life where everything was difficult. That was because I made it difficult. When we have personal desires for the way we want our life to transpire we get flustered when it doesn’t go our way. I’ve got news for you. It rarely goes our way. That is why we must move with the tides. We must take the path of least resistance even though it is against what our emotions desire. This is the hardest path to take, but it is the one thing that will set you free. All the workshops and self-development books won’t set you free. There is a space in all of us that craves to be healed and filled. We are searching for a way to fill this space with money, shopping, people, but none of this will ever work. How many times will we do this until we realize this is bullshit? The truth is we will never fill this void unless we connect with our inner nature.

We connect with our inner nature by stilling the mind and relaxing into the present moment. We must get to the heart of the problem. This however is the challenge of all challenges because it is never-ending. We have our thoughts that get in the way and the belief that somehow the next moment is better. Most of the time, that next moment is just as boring, stressful, tiring, lazy, as the last one. Whatever the moment may be we must accept it as though we have chosen it. No matter what your brain is saying about this moment we must move gracefully through it.

An example of this is your boss tells you to do something and you don’t want to do it, but you do it anyway. You kind of have to in that situation. What if the boss is not looking though? Are you the type of person who does the right thing? What do you do when you’re hit with a choice between what is easy and what is right? I urge you to always do the right thing. The right thing will set you free. You will experience pain with what you’re going through in the moment, but you will be rewarded by how you see yourself in the future. If you want to genuinely feel more confident, better about yourself, and more at peace, this is the way. Do what’s hard and right even when you are lazy, you don’t feel like it, hate doing it, when that other person doesn’t deserve your help and any other example you can think of. Nike said it best. Just do it.

We are all faced with these micro-challenges every day, but we won’t get anywhere and will feel much worse about ourselves if we don’t make these tough decisions. We will stay in the same place or some cases decline.

“If you are not growing you are dying.” – Tony Robbins
The goal is to not resist anything in your life, but this happens to very few. At times we have strength and integrity and at other times we don’t. But if we want to grow and get anywhere, this is the path. The path to contentedness, freedom, strength, and growth.


Be you. Do you.


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