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Embrace Your Uniqueness: A Guide to Finding Your True Self During the Pandemic

Embrace Your Uniqueness: A Guide to Finding Your True Self During the Pandemic
With the Coronavirus brewing, this is the perfect time to reset and get to know yourself. The Coronavirus is forcing us to stay inside and face every part of us, light to dark and everything in between. The Universe just slammed down the reset button for the majority of us who weren’t already on their path. Most of us try to avoid ourselves searching for a healthy balance of ego along with our true selves. Most of us are too busy hating or comparing themselves with someone else typically further along on their journey. I’m here to remind you to never do that. We each have a unique fingerprint that the world will be fascinated by. We either stamp our fingerprint in permanent ink for the world to see or with an ink that fades.

None of us want to be forgotten. But none of us will be remembered for long unless we live our own truth. What is your own truth you ask? A journey that is full of compromises? You wish.

It may be an unpleasant feeling to be confronted with yourself all because in a regular lifestyle more often than not, you have developed the habit to ignore, distract, and try to escape from yourself. It’s sad though because paying attention to that part of yourself is the only way to make you happy and set you free. You have to listen to the direction those small whispers of your intuitive voice are urging you to soar. Why? Because the advice is real. If you choose to avoid this advice you are sprinting further and further away from the contentedness and happiness every being on this planet craves.

Since when does neglect make another happy? How could it make you happy?

You have to do the things you know you were born to do. You have to trust the journey. You can’t compromise on your dreams because others are relying on you. I am relying on you! That’s why I’m writing this. You’re great and I’m trying to convince you of this burning truth.

If you are currently placing your focus in areas to distract you from facing the reality of yourself, now is your opportunity to change that. How about you do everything you always wanted to do and pretend to have a little faith. If you do have faith that’s great, but faith takes time to build. The good news is you can start building your tower of faith now.

“The best day to start anything is today, and the best time is now, right now.” – Dheeraj Hasija
The only reason some people seem like they’re living better lives than you are because they made the choice to not compromise. These people are living their dream. This dream was given to them at birth. The dream that is going to transform them on their spiritual journey along with the world.

You see, these happy folks are putting in the work that makes their uniqueness flourish. We are all meant to stand out in our own way, it’s just whether you believe it or not and actually do it.

When you realize what your true gifts are and sharpen your talent along the way, eventually this world will cherish you for it. You will start to live an interesting life because you are helping the Universe. You are serving the greater good and the Universe will reward you with a meaningful journey of life. Your dream is already a success. You just have to put in the work and believe it. You will start to as you begin to face your challenges head-on.

Once you’re on this path you will start to receive good breaks and events in your life will start to click together. Too many of us are scared to venture out into the unknown. You want to hide behind your safe cushiony job. But I think this Coronavirus is making us realize the job we were so sure was safe, apparently wasn’t. The only safe job out there is the one you were given at birth. It is your spiritual journey. The only thing that can make this unsafe is doubt and you giving up along the way.

Don’t be scared to be you. Embrace it and receive what was meant for you starting today. Stop compromising. When its safer to live your life again, choose to live the life you always wanted. Not the one you routinely attempt to hide from.

Be you, do you.


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