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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: The Key to Achieving Your Desires

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: The Key to Achieving Your Desires
It’s really great when we get the things we desire in life. But you know what’s even better? Earning what you desire. Have you ever completed or overcame something by challenging one of your limiting beliefs and conquering what you originally doubted in your ability to accomplish? One of the greatest feelings I have ever felt was completing what I originally thought was impossible to take on. Just as I thought I was at the brink of completing the impossible I found a way to respond to the situation by first accepting it and then by conquering it. I conquered not only the task but all the fears that were tied with it.

Life loves to scare you into doubt, but that’s only because life is giving you the opportunity to feel great. When you have the will, there is always a way to kick doubt in the ass. That’s when we have to put our head down and take care of what life desires from us (this is usually some form of service to others). It’s a choice to say yes or no. Will you say yes to the challenge ahead or will you resist it? I will warn you by resisting the choice it will not be a pleasant ride to your future. Initially, it might feel that way, but that’s the invisible trap. Eventually, your negative thoughts will catch up with you and ruin your inner peace.

Now here’s where life gets interesting. If you decide to take on your challenge you will experience pain throughout the process, but in this scenario, you are actually growing. When you are growing you are gravitating towards contentedness. We never feel happiness while we’re doing the task majority of the time, but when we finally get a break we can realize how far we have stretched ourselves and how far we have come. It’s a time where we can lay back and reminisce about the struggle it took to complete the task and become who we are proud to be at that moment in time. The tougher the challenge, the greater the opportunity for potential joy we have to experience.

Life likes to scare you into thinking the challenge is so grand and dubious because it wants to give you the opportunity to accept your challenge and grow. The amazing thing is that if we stop complaining and fearing life then we can actually do amazing things. Right now I want you to imagine the incredible things you would do if you took on all your challenges. What person would you be?

If you need a challenge, I’m about to give you one. For a full day try doing the opposite of what you normally do regarding your bad choices and habits. When you are at the end of that day compare it to the day before and decide which life you would rather live. A life full of regret and anxiety or a life full of contentedness and pride.

The choice is yours.

Be you. Do you.


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