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Lift Your Spirits High: A Guide to Living a More Joyful Life

Lift Your Spirits High: A Guide to Living a More Joyful Life

“Lift your spirits high," he said. There is so much left to be uncovered. So much of what we go through is for our growth, and within that growth, we keep expanding into infinity. What I mean by this is there is no ceiling on our growth. We can take life as far as we would like to travel and learn. So I ask, what game are you playing? Are you playing big, medium, or small? I am not trying to minimize where anyone is or what anyone is doing because I respect every person, and especially every job. No matter where you are, I know you are fighting some invisible battle that we might hide behind our shields. We keep this pain to ourselves. When we try to describe it to others, we only scratch the surface. No one will truly know the depths and extents of our thoughts. We never really quite know what those around us are going through, even though we might like to guess. Even your partner might go to work, but you never quite know the details of their lives at work as a human. It's hard to describe what we are going through and can make us feel isolated at times.

With all that being said, what level do you feel like you're playing? This could be equated to how much of yourself you place into your life. You may not have the most exciting job, and our jobs aren't always important. What's important is the lessons you are absorbing and how you are using that information to serve others in this complex world. Service is what truly makes us feel good, more than anything our egos try to persuade us to overrate.

Ah, it's our egos that get in our way. We may act more privileged than others believing we somehow deserve way more and we're somehow above a certain task or job. Whatever comes up in the present it is our duty to fulfill our assignment given to us by life itself. Then it's our job to muster up the strength and willingness to complete the assignment with a smile. Life is always calling for us in the most mysterious directions. You can always differentiate from your ego and your highest self by answering one simple question: Is it serving others or yourself? Usually, the challenge or problem is presented to you, and immediately you will feel repulsed, almost uncomfortable. Sometimes you don't want to do it, but when you choose to serve your community and the outside world, your life will improve drastically. You will expand, feel happier, and make others around you more joyful.

Always choose to serve all of life. This includes the Universe and the people that inhabit this galaxy. We are all one. Remember, you are never too big or important for any deed or assignment, but based on how much you take versus how much you give, it will determine whether you are playing small or giving it your all.

Just to restate, wherever you are should be celebrated. Your best is equal to anyone's best. You are amazing. Keep going.


Be you. Do you.


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