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Water Your Dream into a Flower

Water Your Dream into a Flower

Nothing good ever starts without a dream. This is where the seed is planted. We all have a seed, but not all of us water it.

It's not our fault; we have giant to-do lists, and life can get pretty complex. Stress and responsibilities fill our lives and keep us sidetracked from completing what truly matters most—the voice in our core, the one that never completely turns off, the one that begs us to start that restaurant or write that screenplay. We all have something that we have the choice to water. When you don't water your dream, it dies.

I will say it is amazing what a little water can do. In the process of watering, you will grow, and so will your dream. The trick to a strong and healthy dreamy plant is consistency. You have to be consistent with the frequency you water your crop. We have a vision of what the flower will look like one day. We see an image in our mind's eye of that beautiful flower fully bloomed, but before we can see it in person, most give up. It's hard to create a disciplined life where you water at the correct time with the right soil and fertilizer. If only we believed.

If you provide a plant with all the optimal conditions, you are confident that the plant will eventually bloom. Why aren't we certain that will also happen to our dream if we provide all the ideal conditions?

I believe that we all have a purpose—a purpose in life that is ingrained in us and needs our daily nourishment to survive. Without our nourishment, that dream will start to die like a brittle plant under the scorching sun without water.

So we have two choices. We can either play small and find happiness or go against our truest nature and convince ourselves that we are unworthy of this impractical, impossible dream. Does it really hurt us to try, or does the pain of regret hurt more?

There's only one way to ease the inner dialogue in your mind—to water your dream. Give it proper nutrition: discipline, hard work, love, passion, flow, taking action, and connection. The choice is yours, but only one will set you free. There's only one choice that you won't regret. Don't wait any longer. You have the power. I believe in you, and so does the Universe. That's why you were bestowed this profound gift from the Universe. Don't let it die. It is destined to bloom. Now, believe.

Be you. Do you.


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