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Discovering Your Inner Voice: The Power of Listening to Yourself

Discovering Your Inner Voice: The Power of Listening to Yourself

He had nothing to do with it. There was so much turmoil. How did he get to this point? He didn’t know, but he was here. He had to lace-up his boots and get the job done. He didn’t see a way out, but decided it was best to move forward.

We don’t always know the right path and we fall in a couple ditches along the way, but when we commit to keep chugging forward, a new power in us opens up. Only we can walk the path. The path that people have tread less, is the best one. That is the path your heart and soul desires most. The one that the whispers in you align with.

"There is a voice inside of you that whispers all day long, 'I feel that this is right for me, I know that this is wrong.' No teacher, preacher, parent, friend, or wise man can decide what's right for you-just listen to the voice that speaks inside." - Shel Silverstein

So now what? What if you don’t know the difference between a whisper and your ego. I can see a lot of people getting confused with this, however I am here to clear it up. A whisper is a soft gentle voice or feeling. When we practice small periods of silencing the mind we can get still enough to listen to our truth deep down. Sometimes we can ask and we will receive and other times it just washes over us. The answer is there, but we have to become better listeners at listening to ourselves.

So often we don’t want to listen to the answer given. We may feel icky about our job, or our partner, and we’re too scared to do anything about it besides complain. Have you ever felt inner nudges to do that thing? A lot of the time it involves leaning into your discomfort. You may not want to do that, but that’s how you grow.

If you were the hero of the movie would the main character back off from the challenge or will they consistently live in their discomfort zone? Even Elon Musk is noted for saying that he feels fear quite strongly despite looking superhuman on the outside. He just musters up the courage to push forward. We must do the same if we ever want to get somewhere we deem worth it if that’s what we wish.

To get anywhere respected in life you must walk the path. Yes it is scary, but you must do it anyway. Let me give you an example. Why aren’t average body types respected in this society? It is because it didn’t take a high degree of work and stress to get there. There are standards set in our society for what is respected because that is what is hard to attain. You have to ask yourself, do you want to be average or have that main character energy.

We must listen to our whispers and inner feelings to get the life we want to live. That involves pain, struggle, and discomfort. What we have to realize is that it involves more suffering not working to be in the arena of purpose than actually working towards it.

Another little secret is that it’s already written for you. The secret is that it is really simple. You just have to walk the path. Walk your present moments and eventually you will get there. You must take action and be the main character fighting in the arena. That’s the only way to true fulfillment. Will you walk the path or let it eat you alive?


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