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The Resilient Shoe Man: A Story of Perseverance and Triumph

The Resilient Shoe Man: A Story of Perseverance and Triumph

There once was a man who lived in a shoe. Altogether he had so much to do. 

The dishes, the chores, and so much more.

Unfortunately one day someone stepped on his new Jordans. He was in a tussle. I guess it was time to hustle.

You see, he needed a new shoe to impress the ladies. Especially his favorite from Haiti. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the money to get the honey.

If only he could repeat what happened. Now he has to live in a shoe that is old fashioned.

If only. If only. 

We say this everyday. But when will be the day we say hey and create a better day.

He’s got 5 bucks with a shoe that looks yuck. If only he had a little bit of luck.

Then he thought I can do it. I’m not giving up, there’s nothing to it.

I am resilient and brilliant.

It isn’t his last day, he was here to stay. There is so much to do today.

He got on his bike and raced to the mall, which is right where he overheard something he would always recall.

It was a scary man in a hoodie who said he was the best rookie.

He was in the NBA and said he could out shoot anyone with a flick. Even the dude that was as tall as an eight foot stick.

The man musters up the courage to face him. He cleared his throat and said I am the GOAT.

Greatest Of All Time is me man. I’m the greatest in this whole land.

Shoe man said I’ll bet you your Jordans. The NBA star countered is your name James Borden.

When I hit the half court shot you will think different. I’m the man who’s resilient. 

Do we have a bet NBA star I don’t know, or are you going to be tardy from the show?

What do I get he said? You get the cap on my head?

What’s so special about your cap anyways? It is useless in every way.

This is signed by Jordan the great. Are you down for the date?

Why are you calling it a date. Can’t you see I’m not your mate?

There’s a Footlocker with a hoop over there. Why don’t you launch this ball I dare.

You mean over the fountain, over the security, and through the window on the second floor? Or are you too bored?

The shoe man needed a new home. This guy towered over him, but what if he bounced it off his dome.

Shoe man stole the basketball and screamed for everyone to move. He was starting to feel like he was in the groove.

He stuck his tongue out Jordan-style. He even did it with a cool smile.

The ball bounced off the rafters as if there were NBA drafters.

Then it landed on the fountain spout and shot up in the air while a kid made a shout.

It then bounced on the security guard’s belly and shot out like a bullet on the tele.

Once bounce, two bounce, four! That didn’t make sense, but neither did this shot anymore.

Into the window and onto the empty shelf. A kid luckily just bought a shoe with an elf.

It flew to the hoop and rolled around the rim. The man with the hood screamed that better not go in.

It rolled around once, twice, tres. This was the moment he could envision the lace.

He knew it was coming. The NBA theme song he started humming.

And all of a sudden the ball got stuck. The ball wasn’t NBA regulation what fricking luck.

“He cheated”, he yelled! It was time to expel.

The hooded man took off and ran to the bluff.

The mall was located on a cliff. This was now way bigger than any tiff.

Then the security guard threw his cane, that’s when the star’s shoes came off and fell into a drain.

“Oh no my Jordans!” the man screamed. This is not what he dreamed.

It seemed over. He needed that four leaf clover.

Right when he felt he lost it all, he decided he would win even if it meant to crawl.

He went to the Footlocker and someone approached him. It was Michael Jordan who just got back from the gym.

He said that was the best shot he’s ever seen. The man without a shoe gleamed.

Here’s a pair of Jordans I lost a bet. He couldn’t believe his eyes and wept.

It was the rarest Jordan shoe to date. No one has this shoe, this day was great.

The man moved into his shoe. Jordan’s shoe was so big, so did his crew.

And that was the story of the man with the shoe. Now what will you do?

Give up or be as resilient as the man who shot it perfectly in the cup?


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