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Stop Complaining and Start Finding Solutions

Stop Complaining and Start Finding Solutions
If you complain then you are looking for sympathy. You seek comfort and assurance in your choices in life. Even though you know deep down that your choice is probably not the right one. Let’s fast forward and envision how our lives would be without complaints. How much stuff do you believe you would accomplish? How much closer do you think you would be at reaching that goal you believe will bring you happiness.

With little effort, you may have realized how easy it is to dig up a complaint instead of facing your desires head-on. The truth is that no one wants to hear that complaint and neither should you. Every complaint that passes through your lips weakens your strength as a person and hinders your ability to grow. Your next complaint is the 300 pound NFL linebacker blocking you from crossing the narrow bridge to your happier place.

Why your complaint is so hard to swallow is because there is always at least one sacrifice that we have to be willing to make. And most people are unwilling to make that sacrifice even though in the long run, the benefits will make a considerable difference in your life.

If you have a long commute and you don’t want to move closer to your job because all your friends are in that area you can A. either complain about it and weaken your inner strength or B. Do something to change it.

There is always a solution that exists and life is about finding solutions. How hard are you willing to work to find your solutions? In other words, how hard are you willing to work to become happier? The sad truth is that most people only want to put in minimal effort and that is why they don’t experience the change they want to experience.

“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle
We must find our solutions to consistently stay more happy than sad. Most of the time we know what the solution is, but we’re unwilling to make the change needed despite knowing that this is the change our lives yearn.

“There’s no lasting happiness in short term pleasures.”
So the next step is sewing our seeds. Most people are expecting to see immediate results. We expect to see results from that hour of hard work, that day, that week, that month, or even that year.

“Anything worthwhile takes time to build. If we had immediate success we wouldn’t build the character we need to sustain true success.” – Jon Gordon


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