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How to Find Happiness in the Process, Not the Result

How to Find Happiness in the Process, Not the Result
Humans are complex creatures and they don’t operate on binary codes like computers. And one of the most pivotal questions is figuring out how to be happy. How the hell can I get myself off the couch and into a better state more often?


All you have to do is start. “But starting is the hardest part”, you say.

It is, but sometimes breaking our goals into small chunks is better than tackling everything at once.

“Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life’s hard.” – John Bytheway
Unfortunately, social media and our culture has brainwashed us in expecting fast results. Results that we feel will make us finally happy. I’m here to warn you that the ending result won’t make you as happy as you currently believe. It may make you happy temporarily, but this happiness is almost always fleeting. That happiness won’t stay with you for life. What stays with you for life is who you become in the process.

What I mean by this is instead of concentrating on the goal, concentrate on the process. Accept the challenges and make the decisions that will fuel your growth and improve your character. What we shouldn’t be after are things, looking to impress others or accolades. Instead, our focus should be directed internally. Understanding ourselves more and becoming. The more you focus internally, the more your external framework begins to fade. The longer you do this for the more you will care less about people’s judgments and material things. You will become more in touch with your strengths and be closer to finding the path your heart sings.

Pushing through our challenges we can grow more and feel more confident, alive, and good about where we stand in life. What you will begin to realize is that you can be happy in the middle of your journey without waiting until the end.

What makes you happy is improving in your daily process in achieving your goals. You will get great satisfaction, contentedness, and happiness as the Universe chips away at your character. Limitations and areas you once we’re not confident about now become a second thought. Each decision we make shapes our destiny and character.

Start by spending 15 minutes a day on something that interests you most. Something your heartstrings have been tugging away on you for the longest time. You know it will set you free if you dare to just begin. Let this blog article be the motivation you need to finally begin. For all you know, even the 15 minutes you spend now will end up turning into an hour and snowball into a year of work in your favorite area. Imagine how good that will make you feel. Once you get yourself into a groove and you start to become more excited by what’s in front of you.

The truth is that we are never going to improve our lives by standing still. We have to move.

There is more to meets the eye to a person’s life and there are usually complex beliefs tied to why something is hard and challenging to start, but if we discover our missing key as to what motivates us in life to do something important there is no looking back. For me, the motivational sentence that I tell myself is to “Do what’s hard”. In other words, do it for God/Universe. Another one of my friend’s sentences is “Do it like someone is paying you a million dollars”, for the job at hand.

The truth is that we all need to find ways to motivate us and push us into that gear that will help us achieve. I encourage all of you to find your missing key that motivates you to do great and be great. We don’t have to achieve as much as we believe to be happy, but more than where you currently stand.

Depending on where your consciousness is you may have a longer journey than most to get to the stage we desire, but the more we work on ourselves in exchange the better emotions we will receive.

Hopefully, this will motivate you to get started walking a different path in life. The path that you always knew you wanted to walk, but were too frightened. The one where you always made an excuse. The one that will finally set you free.

Be you, do you.


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