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Finding Your Flow: Choosing Your Own Path to Happiness

Finding Your Flow: Choosing Your Own Path to Happiness

So much of what we say we want to do and what we do is different. There is a fine line between action and non-action. Most of us put off what we can complete today for tomorrow. Some of us even attempt to be perfectionists to be “special”. Some special people would even rather be miserable than be happy. We have the choice of how we dictate our life, but I question whether society is providing the right answers? 

In my life it seems like when I listen to society's rules that are widely adopted, it makes me unhappy and is the source of my problems. What if there was another way. Another way to be in life. The so-called path to getting into a good college, landing a good job, finding the one, buying the perfect house with a white fence, making more money than you know what to do with it, and then retiring on the beach is outdated.

What I learned is that it is impossible for someone to give you sound advice on how to live your life. Gary Vee for example has a lot of knowledge on how to hustle and live the “good life”, but how does he know that will work for you. He found the truth for what works for him, but we all are unique expressions of God with our own unique paths to follow. If there really was a tried and true way to be happy, then we all would do it in a wink. 

Instead of listening to the voices outside of you, it’s time to listen to the soft whispers that lie within. The ones that are trying to get you to take that risk and do that crazy idea that you believe will never work. Fear has stopped everyone in one way or another, but by continually growing we can learn to do the inner work to overcome it and welcome it. By dealing with the bitterness that life will throw at you from time to time you become stronger as long as you remain seated in your center seat.

As Oprah has mentioned before, there is a flow that guides us. When we are disconnected we feel off-center. When we are confident and feel contentment and peace we are aligned. She attributes all her success to following her flow. This has led her to her highest self and purpose. She never defined herself as a talk show host or interviewer, but as someone who raises consciousness in other people. She has uplifted many because she has aligned with life and co-created the will of the Universe to the best of her ability. She has even remarked to ask yourself what is the next step to take. To figure that next step out we must still our minds and decipher our intuition within the silence.

If you become acquainted with your center and flow you will be able to successfully drown out the loud noises from others that attempt to leave you astray. Only you know a piece of the direction of your life and no one can tell you what to do with your life without your permission. When you feel lost, use this information. Ask yourself, what is my next step? Wait for your answer and take action. Sometimes our next step is to just be and relax. That is totally fine. Just imagine our lives if we didn’t sleep. You must rest as well as work and the Universe always gives us the opportunities for that balance.

Be you. Do you.

So listen to what is your next step in this present moment. Then the next one. Then the next. Sooner or later you will be living a happier life and you will be proud of the person reality is molding you to be. Go with it. Don’t resist. Be happy.


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