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Power Of The Present

He feels the power of the present moment. He wishes he realized this long ago. He feels safe like he's in a cocoon of protection. He feels comfortable in his skin. He feels more confident. He places his attention on his body.⁠

Before this, he was always stuck in the mind. His mind was dragging him in all sorts of directions worrying primarily about the past and the future. He knew there was a solution. This solution takes practice, but he has found his peace. Our attention always seems to slip away from the present moment, but it's our job to bring our attention back again. To be with what is.⁠

When pressure and anxiety do arise, he realized he just has to be present for this moment. He just has to get through this moment. He has not arrived at the one after that yet, or that scary future down the road. All he has to do is "be" through this moment right now.⁠

All we ever have are moments and when you come from the perspective of just taking care of the now, you will be able to persevere a lot easier. Dealing with your thoughts about the future is the hard part. That what-ifs. Change your what-ifs to what is.⁠

Take care of the present, because it is each present moment that leads to your future.⁠

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