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There was a robot who liked to watch humans. He followed them everywhere they went. To urinals, on hot air balloons, in gondolas, in jail cells. The list goes on, but he still can't figure them out. Then he read something. It went like this.⁠

"You can always easily recognize that something is coming from ego because when you get it, it doesn't satisfy you." - Eckhart Tolle⁠

It's so true the robot thought. Humans are always trying to satisfy the ego by trying to get what they desire. They ruin relationships, become greedy, pollute the planet, kill many many animals for what reason but to satisfy the ego.⁠

The satisfaction is short-lived though. As soon as you get that thing that you wanted, it's on to the next thing.⁠

One of the ways you can tell it's your ego speaking is if your thoughts are in the past tense. You want to aim to live your life in the present aligned with spirit.⁠

The robot doesn't have this problem but empathizes with humans. Or wishes he could empathize because he doesn't have emotions.⁠

The best he could do is offer his advice. The robot's message is to be happy with where you are with what you have. Someone else would kill to live your life.⁠

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