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He is doing Qi-Gong. He is interested in finding balance in his life. He has lived too many years just working around the clock at his corporate job being a yes man. He cared about his life and his career, but once he realized that he cared more for his life than his career he quit. He realized he was completely unbalanced. He was so stressed and unhappy. He couldn't do what he wanted. It always felt like he was living a false life. ⁠
Sometimes we don't really know what we want to do, but we know it's not where we're at. If we are really true to ourselves we will realize that we are a lot unhappier than we care to admit. Knowing what you don't want is actually a good place to be. By knowing what you're not good at or what you don't want will lead you closer to your calling.⁠

We can either make the jump and quit our jobs putting everything into what we would rather do, create a side-hustle, or accidentally discover our calling. There is no right or wrong. Taking the right path will cause you two things though for sure. Action and risk. To get anything in this world you need to partake in this process. ⁠

Let me ask you, do you really want an easy life? Do you really want a hard life? Or would you rather have a life of a mixture of the two? Think about a rollercoaster now. Would you like a 5-minute ride of going straight down? Maybe you would prefer a rollercoaster that just goes up or one of those kiddy coasters? My guess is you will enjoy the rollercoaster that goes up and down, twists and turns, and maybe even brings you upside down. ⁠

Find balance, my friends. It's a journey, not a destination.⁠

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