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We are so much greater than we believe. Our thinking mind or unconscious thoughts convince us that we are not enough and we cannot overcome our challenges. The problem is that we have this perfect view of how we desire our events to unfold. I've got news for you. The eventful challenge will never unfold how you see it. That's why we should not invest in perfection but instead progress. Even when we prepare just the right amount the Universe has different plans. Different lessons. A corrective attitude and mindset. By living in harmony with the Universe you will grow naturally. It's not something you can conceptualize how and we tend to believe we can do it better on our own. You think you know what's best for your life because you have been controlling it your whole life, right? Even when you were forming in the womb? Or, was that divine intelligence designing that cute button nose of yours?⁠

Realize that where you are right now is perfection that is still evolving. This moment is perfect as well as all others. I know this because this is the moment that took billions of years to unfold. This doesn't mean you will like it or agree with it. It just means this is the right moment to help you learn the next piece. All these pieces will come together making your journey rich. When we focus on the little moments we realize how rich life is even in the mundane. We miss so much because we are hijacked by our thoughts. Notice the small stuff and believe that the moment and where you are is perfect. Continue to take right action and slowly but surely you will get to the end of a journey you can fully appreciate. Treat life like it is already perfect because maybe it is.⁠

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