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The Anti Rude Virus

The Anti Rude Virus
Unfortunately for us, life and rude assholes go hand in hand. That is why we need the latest anti-rude virus.

What we have to remember is that anyone that chooses to express rudeness is most likely unconscious. Jesus once said,

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”
Sorry for the Jesus quote, but there are so many nights ruined because we choose to accept rudeness as the social norm. Take the bar scene. It’s a place where people throw punches and vomit words on each other both literally and figuratively. It’s a place where you will receive death stares for you using the word “please”. You’ve got to shake your head at the culture we live in sometimes.

Can’t we all just enjoy way more orgasms by staying open-minded and avoid judging new people in the first few seconds of an interaction? The crazy part is that majority of people go out in the first place to meet new people, yet they can rarely talk to someone with an open mind for ten seconds. Just think of all the potentially fun adventures being slammed shut all to protect our precious little egos, or false selves. The fun experiences we desire can manifest if we remain open-minded to the new experiences that unfold before us.

If you take a moment to get out of your own head and look around, you can witness people retracted in their own heads. You can see ugly faces rear their way as people battle their thoughts to maintain their false identifications of themselves. You can almost read their minds because you know their similar story all to well.

So how do we undercut our own mental chatter as well as install the latest anti-rude virus to eliminate the rudeness that pervades our culture?

Although it’s a lifelong practice, it is simple.

Live in the current moment.

By breathing in your surroundings you can get out of your headspace.

“Pay more attention to your inner state than what is happening around you.” – Eckhart Tolle
You will eventually realize that by remaining still, the life of the moment will rise up in you and bring you the most incredible rush of joy in the most seemingly mundane experiences. It would be impossible to achieve this level of joy if your ego were at the helm. Your ego would block you from experiencing the emotional rides of life. It’s your ego’s priority to ensure that your glass always remains half empty. By choosing to live in the current moment, you can be the one in control raising your glass filled to the brim.

“I want you to have the fullness of life” – Jesus
In the current moment lies a pocket of stillness. In this stillness you can reside in everlasting peace. This peace acts as a barrier that counter punches rudeness in the face. By honoring the truth of the moment you align yourself with the greater intelligence of life itself. You become one with the universe and everyone around you. The life that is in you is the life in everyone else. The more present you are, the closer you are to life. The closer you are to life, the more authentic you become and the more you are living your life purpose: To be.

Anyone that is rude exists inauthentically. They are separating themselves from life itself. This is their ego’s attempt to preserve their idealized self, which will always be a false story. The story you tell yourself is a fragmented version and never covers the full extent of who you truly are. You are eternal.

“Life has no opposite. It is eternal.” – Eckhart Tolle
Just observe two people talking the next time you go out. One person is always reacting a little more than the other person.

“Reaction comes from the past and is never totally adequate to the present moment.” – Eckhart Tolle
The person who is more present controls the frame.

“Whoever controls the frame, controls the game.”
When you are in the present moment, anyone disconnected will feel a surge of power that fills their body with fear. That person will lose their frame instantly.

“The inner depth is deeper than your thoughts or emotions.” – Eckhart Tolle
By practicing living in the moment you can take shelter from your ego becoming more alive and help awaken the unconscious. Let the energy of the moment rise in you and take you on many joyful adventures. Soon enough you will be aware of connecting again to life and be impenetrable to any type of rudeness that crosses your path.

“Whatever state you're in will effect the people around you.” – Eckhart Tolle


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