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Being Yourself: The Lifetime Journey

Being Yourself: The Lifetime Journey

What exactly does it mean to be yourself?

That means you do what you want when you can without letting the outside world persuade you in a particular direction.

I’ve been told that you have to be yourself by countless self-help gurus. Have you grown the balls or ovaries to ask yourself this very question?

No one ever said this was easy. In fact, most people may find that rising above the influence of family and friends is one of the toughest and most common challenges life has to offer. This is a challenge that everyone experiences at some point in their life. I have experienced it in life countless times. I was lucky with Mom and Dad’s blessing, but I have learned to tune my friends out sometimes and listen to my gut above all. If you have a loving trusting relationship with the Universe you know that its plan for you is greater than your small mind can conceive. This plan may certainly not be on your ego’s timeline, but it’s important to trust in the Universe’s timeline overall. Your mind is limited and sometimes the most logical reasoning doesn’t reach as far into the future as your intuition’s ability.

“Trust the Universe’s timeline not your ego’s timeline.” – Unknown

The hard pill to swallow is that this is a lifetime journey you are now experiencing. This is not the short sprint that everyone wants it to be. 99.9% of people don’t strike the American dream as fast as Mark Zuckerberg in the conventional sense, but that’s ok. That’s his journey to live and you have yours to conquer just like everyone else. They are all equally important because they are part of the Universe’s overarching plan. It just boils down to whether you have the chutzpah to fuse dream with reality.

So how do you know if you are in good shape for life?  You are in good shape if you are doing what’s hard and accepting the majority of the challenges that come your way over taking shortcuts or exuding minimal effort. So this is the appropriate time to ask yourself: Are you doing what’s hard, or what’s easy?

I’m telling you right meow, if your daily habit involves taking the easy road you will never achieve your dream. It just won’t happen I’m sorry to say. You are delusional if you still think you can have it all (The mansion, the trophy wife or successful business husband, the crown of popularity, and the Tesla with those sexy Lambo doors). ESPECIALLY if you think you can get it easily. Your true path is never easy my friend, but it is the only journey that will bring you peace and happiness. This is what makes the journey so divine. You appreciate things you work hard for in the long run as opposed to just being handed them. You might still appreciate what’s given, but it is fleeting.

If you really desire some of those things you can work hard to achieve them, but I’m telling you right meow, none of those things will make you as happy and fulfilled in life as walking your God given path. You know you are on your path if you have a sense of peace. If it feels like your brain is being tortured by thoughts then it’s time to get closer to yourself.

It is those who become closest to themselves that know and understand their personal strengths and weaknesses. It’s easier to align with what life has to offer you if you know you are a more creative type than more business minded for example. Not saying the two are polar opposites of each other, I’m just saying let’s say when picking colleges the smart choice would be to choose the art school over a business school even though your parents think otherwise. Remember, you’re the one who has to live out your life.

The more you learn about yourself, the better your life’s decisions will be. The better your life’s decisions will be, the happier you will become. The important part is having a gut check when having mixed feelings about a decision influenced by the important people that surround you. You may be frightened that disagreeing with them will ruin your relationship and honestly it might. There is some truth to that, but there is also another side of the coin. That is that if you follow your soul’s journey and become successful doing what you love most these people such as your parents will circle back in your life super proud. It just may take awhile. You just have to woman up the strength to make that opposing decision. Are you willing to take that risk?

If not this is most likely how it will play out. Let’s say you decided to listen to your parents wish in wearing scrubs instead of your gut telling you to go into animal rescue. You know what seeps in? Regret. Maybe not a lot at first, but as the years tick by this will increase in intensity. You will begin to resent these people because you are living their desired life for you instead of your very own. You have to ask yourself, are these people that I love really happy with their life decisions who are flooding my ears with this advice? Chances are, like most people that they settled somewhere other than their dreams.

So how do you tune these people out. Simple, just listen intently to your inner vibration and if what they are saying changes your vibe negatively maybe you shouldn’t listen. Vibes don’t lie. Does it make you mad, glad, happy, pissed off? What does it do to your emotional buttons?

If you are clearly upset then the topic clearly doesn’t resonate with who you are and what you are about. It’s like going into an Interview where you have no experience in that particular field and you are just shaking and nodding yourself throughout the interview only saying what they want you to feed their ears. The question you have to ask yourself is what is my gut telling me? This may be harder for some, but the more you practice it the more in tune you become with it. If your gut feels off you better listen to it then and there or you're going to live your life with regret including more unhappiness. I’m sorry to say that. It’s harsh, but true. 

We are too bogged down in thinking too small. We always want the shortcut in life. The 6 minute abs instead of 7 minute abs etc. Realizing that when you are starting a business, you are preparing yourself for a possible 30 year journey that has the potential to be so meaningful. If this was a book, most people would slam the cover shut right now, but keep it open because what I’m about to say is important.

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” – Earl Nightingale


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