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Trusting the Universe: A Spiritual Guide to Finding Fulfillment

Trusting the Universe: A Spiritual Guide to Finding Fulfillment

There is no turning back. Once you have chosen the spiritual path and get a taste for what your calling is, doing anything besides this sounds only a couple notches better than being trapped in a windowless building for 9 hours a day staring at a computer screen for the majority of your life. And guess what? Some of us do just that with the jobs we choose. Some have chosen the path of money over happiness thinking that the money would buy them happiness and safety, but even after getting the millions that they wished for ended up feeling unfulfilled, empty, and safeless.

“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” – Jim Carrey
Have you wondered how you make a choice on what to do?

I’ve got great news for you.

In a sense you don’t really have to. All you have to do is align with your true nature, stay in the present moment, accept your challenges, and trust the good vibes that come your way. Let the Universe guide you and resist as little as possible. This is the secret to being led to your brightest future.

Don’t know what that all means?

Start by meditating 5 minutes per day and you will start to after a couple weeks or sooner. Yogananda a deceased enlightened spiritual master said that it’s far better meditating consistently for short periods than to just clump it all together for a long duration in one sitting. It will connect you to your higher self and help guide you to making better decisions and lead you one step closer to a form of steady contentedness.

You might say WOW meditating everyday is a lot.

And you’ve already made the decision you are not going to meditate right?

What I’ve learned is that by resisting, especially advice will lead you to stagnation and wishful thinking. I’ve experienced this first hand many times where a person is even paying me for my service and advice, but still chooses not to listen to the advice given, despite the advice having the potential power to transmute their life into their ultimate vision. Sometimes it might not resonate, but other times it is because you are too damn lazy. Many times you know it’s the right decision, but you chose to ignore it.

I firmly believe you will increase every form of success in your life the more you listen to these suggestions. The Universe is whispering these hints to you on how to evolve and improve your life to get you closer and more prepared for your soul’s mission. This advice can literally come from anyone. This includes your boss, your friend, that person on an airplane, a dude on the chairlift in Telluride Colorado, whatever. Just try taking the person up on their advice and see the magic happen.

My life has changed by listening to life’s advice along with one other thing: Consistent action.

Have you ever been able to achieve anything important without consistent action? How many of us are consistent in life? In my opinion being consistent is its own category of intelligence. Not everyone does it, but those that do almost always succeed.

If you are indeed consistent you start winning your small battles taking greater and greater strides up your mountain to fulfillment. I don’t know how far into your journey it will take until you see improvements, but my journey took me seven long years for my life to turn around in the big way we wished for. Sometimes these years were really boring and I felt lost, but I kept my stride including my unbreakable trust in the Universe making the decisions that felt right and ALWAYS accepting the hard challenges that came my way.

Seven years you say! Yes seven years bitch. Doesn’t that seem far better than feeling like a bitch living in that building without windows everyday?

So what exactly happens in my seven year span you ask?

I don’t know all of it and neither do you, but there is a part that I am well versed in. In every experience you will either feel good vibes from the situation, bad vibes, or neutral vibes. All you have to be concerned with is keeping things positive and align with the good vibes that come your way. In other words you don’t want to resist. You will feel negative vibes if you are resisting something that is important for the evolution of your being. Overtime this will lead to greater happiness and success. Go with the flow, not against it.

“Go with the flow. Force nothing. Let it happen…trust that whichever way it goes. It’s for the best.” – Mandy Hale
It’s very important to note that a good vibe you receive may involve doing something hard that you don’t want to do. The secret is to do that thing not necessarily for yourself, but for others because you know it’s the right thing to do, it’s for your growth, your destiny, your life purpose, and especially for the Universe. To get to the chapter of happiness and contentedness you have to slay your dragons/challenges along the way.

You must understand that the spiritual journey is not an easy one, but it is the only one that will set your sails on fire and make you feel alive and happy. In life we always have to do things that are hard and that we don’t want to do. This is part of maturing. I believe we do these things to build strength, character, to make others happier and much more. The more we challenge ourselves in the moment by doing what’s hard for us, the greater the person we become. An example of a character trait that builds during this process is willpower. Having a deep reserve of willpower will give you confidence to push through all your future challenges with a deep seated belief of knowing that you can and will.

“Spirituality is the commitment to go beyond, no matter what it takes. It’s an infinite journey based upon going beyond yourself every minute of every day for the rest of your life. If you’re truly going beyond, you are always at your limits. You’re never back in the comfort zone. A spiritual being feels as though they are always against that edge, and they are constantly being pushed through it.” – Michael Singer
The Universe will test your obedience in every which way, but your only job is to trust and accept your challenges. Like I said before, I guarantee that if you lived true to yourself you will eventually be rewarded for staying true to yourself and you will receive what you deserve. Are you going to take my advice this time?


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