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Embrace Your Gift: Follow Your Heart and Spread Love

Embrace Your Gift: Follow Your Heart and Spread Love
Nothing is as important as giving love and bringing your gift to the world. We all are given gifts that the world craves. The world is our garden and it’s our job to water it. We can’t grow our garden with money we can only grow it with our light. Sometimes that line is blurred. Lately, it has been the American dream to make a lot of money and buy the perfect life. If this is you I want you to reflect honestly on how that is working for you. Are you putting money and things before people or are you putting your relationships first? Are you picking the job that pays well or are you picking the job that lights your soul on fire or is leading to that? If you have had these thoughts during this COVID pandemic you’re on the right path.

You may not know what your gift is and that is fine. I just want you to realize that you have one and it’s your responsibility to explore this. Do your best to follow what interests you in life. If you are always doing the things that you find most interesting how will you not end up on a good path? Try not to have so many preferences. You may not immediately like where you are, but the point is that it should feel right. It shouldn’t feel like a battle every day with yourself.

Along the way, we get so much social pressure from family and friends that try to steer us in a different direction. A direction that is not true to ourselves. Maybe you wanted to go to be a fisherman, but your father convinced you there is no money in that field, and he would not be proud of you. It’s true your decision might affect your relationship with your parents and friends in the short-term, but not necessarily the long run. First I want to say if you’re not living a life that is authentic and makes you happy, how on earth can you make others around you happy such as your parents and friends? Secondly, just because your parents don’t approve of your decision in the short-run doesn’t mean you can’t win their hearts over in the long-run. Remember you were born to do this. You were born to make this decision and share your beautiful gift with the world that needs both you and it.

There are however some friends you may lose, but I would argue were those your true friends to begin with? Real friendships don’t have conditions. Real friends will always support your highest path. In other words, your real friends will always be there for you no matter what decision you make. They will be there especially if you chose to go after what makes you happy. Your gift.

The real test is when it comes time to make that decision. Will you listen to your gut and intuition or will you let that outside noise win? I’m not going to lie and tell you it’s an easy decision. Don’t look at it from the angle of what these people will think and start looking at it from the angle will I be happy? You are the one who has to live out your life and no one can do that for you. Therefore, you should not give someone the power to make those decisions for you in life. You have to steer your own ship.

Along your path it’s also your job to share your love. Share your love with your friends, family, and even strangers. Make others feel good because whenever your putting down someone to lift yourself higher you are also putting down yourself. We will ultimately feel guilty of what you said if it’s hurtful. Remember we are meant to spread that light to everyone.

Keep gardening this world with your light. I need it, you need it, your friends need it, and your family needs it.

Be you, Do you.


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