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The One: A Highschool Love Triangle

The One: A Highschool Love Triangle
There he was again. At another highschool dance without a date.

Michelle went with Tony. What’s up with that? He couldn’t figure out what Tony had that he didn’t. In his head he was better at pretty much everything. He even asked his friends to confirm his logic. Confirmed.

The next day he went to his Guidance Counselor who he felt really close with. He explained what happened and the Guidance Counselor listened. He was an old wise man with wrinkles and squinty green eyes. He carried a cane with a bald eagle made of metal as the cap where you put your hand. Pretty cool I know.

He then listened during this pause. It seemed like an eternity and then he heard the Guidance Counselor’s voice.

“Some people just click. You can’t control it.”

“I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean,” said the boy.

“If it feels good, that is an important meaningful relationship with someone that is meant to come into your life. You cannot control who likes and dislikes you. If I could control that I would get the Principal to like me.”

“But I really, really, REALLY like her” whined Mike!

“There are plenty of fish in the sea.”

“That may be, but she is my one. We are meant to be together, I know it.”

“We shall see.”

Red in the face the boy picked himself and ran out of the office straight into Cloey who was entering. You see Cloey and him have history. They have been friends for over a decade and there was always some flirtatious vibes. She always had a boyfriend though. Ah the awful dreaded BF.

“Mike!” she said.

“Hey Cloey. Sorry about that. I should have been more careful.”

“It’s fine. I haven’t seen you in awhile. It’s good to run into you,” smiled Cloey.

“Literally. I literally ran into you.”

“Well I gotta keep running. See you around?” she said with glittering eyes.

“You haven’t seen Michelle have you? Actually nevermind. I’ll let you go.”

She watched him walk down the hall before she took another step into that room. He had no idea because he was only thinking about “the one”.

He was late for the bus and the school bully was walking right towards him. Not this!

He tried to walk to the other side of the hallway, but the bully lined up with his steps. There was nothing he could do.

“You’re dead!” said the Bully.

“I don’t want any trouble. I am just trying to get out of here,” Mike responded.

“I bet you are. Too bad I’m going to do this!.”

The bully snatched his Crocs and ran. Mike sprinted after him down the hall and up the stairs. There was nothing he could do. Uh oh he was heading to the bathroom. His Crocs were inches from getting dunked in the urinal when Tony barged in. The next thing he knew, Tony stole the Bully’s backpack. The bully immediately dropped Mike’s shoe on the floor and ran after Tony.

He couldn’t believe this guy. This is the guy that stole his date and now he’s stealing the bully’s backpack! He didn’t know what was going to happen next. He was confused. Maybe this guy is better than him. Then he remembered something that his Guidance Counselor said on a different occasion. He said, “comparison is the thief of joy”.

Right when he had that thought, he saw “The One”. It was almost slow motion. She was wearing the best style and her hair was perfect. No makeup because she didn’t need it and a smile that you would always remember.

“Mike, have you seen Tony?”

Not what he wanted to hear. He decided to lie.

He pointed in the opposite direction, which is the way he was going.

“I’ll walk you,” he smiled.

“Thanks, but I don’t need that. Our friends are parked outside waiting for us, but Tony said he had to get his backpack.”

“What did this backpack look like,” asked Mike?

She described it and it was indeed the backpack that Tony stole.

“Haven’t seen it,” Mike fibbed.

“Well I’m in a hurry, but thanks for trying to help. He must have gone back to the car with it. See you tomorrow?”

“Can’t wait!” Mike said excitedly.

His response was a little too loud, he thought. And that’s when he noticed his internal dialogue.

All of a sudden he was flooded with tons of negative thoughts. He felt so much guilt for telling her the wrong directions. He lost his peace.

She walked away as if she was walking down the runway when all of a sudden Tony slammed into him.


The two of them ran down the hall. He was praying he could hide in the janitor’s closet on the right wall before Michelle saw him running towards her with his arch nemesis. Actually two arch nemesis, but one he was yet to be determined.

Too late. Michelle turned around when Tony yelled, “Get in the car.”

This was embarrassing. That’s when the bully rounded the corner. He was the center for the highschool football team and man it felt like he was running after us like a fat cheetah. He could move.

I have to be the hero here or I know I’ll never have a chance with her. That’s when Cloey came out of the room.

“Quick in here,” Cloey shouted.

They all toppled over each other in the Guidance Counselor's room.

Speaking of football it looked like they were all getting up after a fumble.

The Guidance Counselor just sat in his room calm and smiling.

As they got to their feet Mike knew this was going to be awkward.

“I see you found two fish,” the Guidance Counselor said jokingly to Mike.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” lied Mike.

The Guidance Counselor laughed it off.

“Sorry there is someone chasing us,” said Michelle.

“You mean Mike” said the Guidance Counselor?

“No it was..”

Just then, the bully flew into the room yelling.

“These fools better give back my new backpack. I’m mad tight right now,” said the bully.

“This is mine,” replied Tony!

“Why don’t you all take a seat on the couch and chairs.”

The bully just stood standing while everyone else listened to the Guidance Counselor. Mike was seated right between Cloey and Michelle.

“If you could go back in time, what would you guys do differently?”

“I would have not let honey bun steal my backpack.”

“Shut up! You have more gel on your hair than a glazed donut,” snapped back the bully.

“Well you can’t change the past, but you can learn from it,” replied the Guidance Counselor.

He paused. Then continued.

“The only mistake you can make is not learning from your mistakes.”

“My books are in there you can even see, if you don’t believe me,” remarked the bully.

“Yea because you probably put them there after you stole my bag,” Tony shot back.

Cloey or Mike didn’t know who to believe.

“I think I’m going to go.”

Cloey got up to leave the room.

“It’s Tony’s bag,” said Mike.

“Your Crocs are swamped bro,” the Bully replied gritting his teeth.

All eyes were Mike. What will he do, he thought. He decided to do the only thing he knew how; lie again.

“I saw him take it from Tony,” affirmed Mike.

Tony smiled.

I tried to take it back from him, but then he stole my Crocs and ran down that hall. A minute later I saw Tony trying to get it back.

“You tried to get it back for Tony” replied Michelle with an endearing smile.

Oh yea. I don’t like bullying. I wanted to do the right thing, you know. Stand up for Tony. Some people can’t defend themselves.

He looked at the girls' faces to see if they were impressed at his dig at Tony. They were, but that peace inside him was gone. Every time he lied he felt worse.

The Guidance Counselor told them that was settled.

Why don’t you stay here. We have to report you to the main office.

The bully grabbed back Tony’s bag and ran out of there. He was gone.

“Run after him” screamed Michelle.

Mike froze in place as Tony took off after the bully. He didn’t want to look like a wuss so he ran after him totally planning on hiding afterwards. He knew he was the bully’s next target.

The Guidance Counselor called security after they left.

It seemed like there were a million footsteps in the hall. The girls waited in the room talking about the boys.

Ten minutes went by when security brought everyone back to the room.

“Back so soon,” commented the Guidance Counselor.

“We seem to have a situation. We’ve got the backpack, but it doesn’t seem to be Tony’s. All of Jamie’s belongings are in the backpack. There were also food stamps and a hand written birthday card that reads:

“Happy Birthday Jamie. I am sorry it took almost the entire school year to buy you a backpack. I’m glad we were finally able to get you one with your grandma’s money she left behind after she passed. She would have been so happy to see you doing so well in school, while helping out with taking care of your little brother. We love you to the moon and back. - Mom

“My grandma died in a fire. Her house burned down and this is the only thing that I have to remember about her. These guys better be in trouble because now my bag is ripped,” groaned Jamie.

Mike's face went white.

“What are we going to do about this? This is a big deal,” rebutted the Guidance Counselor.

“We are here today because you boys are caught lying. You guys better explain yourselves.”

“Yea!” rallied the girls at the same time.

“You see…” blushed Mike.

Tony interrupted, “I have the same backpack. I lost it a few days ago and had to see if that was it so I took it back.”

“Mike, didn't you say you saw Jamie steal it,” questioned the Guidance Counselor.

Mike was panicking. All eyes were on him again. What was he going to say? He was flabbergasted.

Here the only two girls he ever cared about were about to hate him. He just stared into space as he tried to think of his next sentence.

That’s when Michelle spoke up.

“You’re a liar Mike. What is your problem?”

Mike still didn’t have anything.

“I think Mike learned his lesson. We’re going to have some after school detentions next week.”

Mike decided he couldn’t bear the way his stomach felt. He was going to be sick. He decided to just come clean.

“I was really hurt that Tony took you to the dance. I wanted to go with you.”

“Your pathetic man,” said Tony.

“Are you trying to make it worse?" said Michelle.

“I had to come clean. I also was the one who stole Tony’s bag. It’s in the janitor’s closet.”

Cloey was the only one that didn’t seem mad at him. He felt peace again, but most from her calming energy. He suddenly felt better. He missed Cloey.

“What you did was wrong, " Cloey replied gently “but I think it takes a big person to tell the truth. That’s what I always liked about you. You always did the right thing. You are a good guy.”

That little comment meant the world to Mike. A little love can always go a long way. In that second he wished Cloey didn’t have a boyfriend. The way she responded compared to Michelle spoke volumes to him.

“Well this day was exciting,” concluded the Guidance Counselor.

‘Yea a little too exciting,” remarked Cloey.

“Let’s get out of here,” Mike commented trying to get out of the situation.

“Mike you have to stay with me,” the Guidance Counselor told him.

Here it is. All the love was going to get trampled on.

Cloey left as she smiled with delight. Then she shut the door behind the two of them.

Mike sat nervously as the Guidance Counselor looked at him intently.

“The truth will set you free?” Mike smiled with a laugh.

“Love will make you do crazy things, remarked the Guidance Counselor.

“You got that right, replied Mike.

“You know she came in here to talk to me just after you earlier. You know what she said?”

“How much she loves her boyfriend?”

“Actually that’s what I was going to get to. They broke up.”

Mike was flooded with good memories of him and Cloey.

“Go get her,” the Guidance Counselor said eagerly.

Mike smiled and with a flash and next thing he knew he was about to exit the room.

Mike looked back. “Does this mean I don’t have detention?”

The Guidance Counselor smiled and flicked his hand to leave.

Mike closed the door behind him and a metal sign clattered on the floor.

The Guidance Counselor went over to pick up his sign and laughed to himself. It was his favorite sign. It was the one that read:

“You know it’s the right decision when you feel peace afterwards. If you don’t, it wasn’t the right decision.”

The Guidance Counselor felt immense peace and he knew Mike did too.


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